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"Would You Like Your Son To Live For Christ Through The Game Of Baseball?"
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"Great spiritual character and man! Trevor is wise beyond his years and has shown tremendous knowledge of the Scriptures!"   - Bill Swift

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About Trevor

Trevor Santor is the founder of Baseball Genesis and the author of an Amazon #1 bestselling book Baseball Genesis – Living For Christ Through The Game Of Baseball. Trevor is the current assistant baseball coach at Olivet Nazarene University in Illinois where he leads his team in devotions, strength and conditioning, recruiting and hitting. Trevor’s mission is to grow God’s Kingdom through the game of baseball and he has personally mentored and participated in the baptisms of 9 baseball players in the last 2 years. He continues to create digital content for the baseball culture to learn more about God and baseball. 
Introducing Baseball Genesis - Living For Christ Through The Game Of Baseball...
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Baseball Genesis Online
"A 7-Week Course to Seek Christ Through the Game of Baseball"
The Baseball Parable
The Gear of Righteousness
Team Culture
Developing A Strategy
Having An Approach
Training For Godliness
Living As World Champions
 Here Are A Few Topics Covered In This Book & eCourse...
  • The similarities between Christianity and the game of baseball
  • Clarity in an identity in Christ as a righteous person of Christ's body
  • Ideas to grow God's Kingdom through baseball by having a purpose
  • How to increase his faith through baseball to use in every aspect of life
  • How to use faith to become a better baseball player on the field
  • How God sees him as blameless and an adopted child into His family
  • Many scriptures from the Bible to read and understand clearly
  • Practical ways to practice his faith while playing baseball
  • How to become a Christian leader on the field to lead others toward Jesus
  • How to bring others to know Christ personally and grow the Christian team
  • Why putting God first and foremost in life will bring joy and satisfaction
  • Understand that God is our head coach who wants to see us succeed
  • How to turn any adversity into a success using God's lens of faith
  • Become a servant leader who leads by example through words and deeds
  • How to become a great teammate who celebrates other people's victories 
  • How to be a light in a dark world that shines bright for others to see Christ
  • Develop a game plan and approach to battle against sinful temptations 
  • Why to seek Christian accountability when you struggle in any area of life
  • Using scripture for defense like Jesus did by memorizing and applying it
  • How to use your Bible like a baseball glove to maximize your defense in life
  • How to live as a World Champion because of what Jesus has done for you
  • Understand that there are no tryouts and will not be any cuts on Jesus' team
  • Learn how to grow deeper in your relationship with Christ
  • And so much more!
Check Out What These
MLB Players Have To Say About The Importance Of Their Christian Faith!
"My ego was super out of check, and I identified myself with my success on the field." 
-Barry Zito
"I felt that it was just more than going to church and calling myself a Christian. God really wanted a personal relationship with me." 
-Albert Pujols
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